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Taking a holistic approach towards better health; mind, body and spirit. 

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One week, one month, one year – we all know how fast time goes by, at least I do. At the beginning of 2019, I was at my heaviest, pre-diabetic, low/no energy, sleep apnea and knew I needed to do something, or I would end up having another stroke, or worse. I was angry, sad, frustrated, and scared. In the past, I’ve lost weight, kept if off for a while only to gain it back. I’ve exercised but never to the point of it becoming a lifestyle. I knew that whatever I did, it would have to include a change in my nutrition, movement, sleep, and mind. I knew this was what I had to embrace in order to conquer this downhill spiral. I set a date: March 1st2019; this would be the day I’d start. I joined a gym, gave myself a major talking to, but the most important was hiring a coach. I looked at all the ones that were at the gym, looked online and came across Fit Together Health and Wellness. I took the plunge and reached out to Fit Together. After our first conversation and meeting, I knew I would hire her. We talked about my health, my nutrition, my lifestyle, my expectations and my goals. She did a physical assessment which was the next “wake up” call: my weight, my BMI, my balance, my difficulty with completing the assessments she needed me to do so she could put a plan in place for me. At our next meeting, she went over the routine she had devised for me with modification as needed. Initially, I was surprised with how easy the exercises looked, but when I attempted them, I was even more surprised by how hard it was for me to accomplish them. Ashley was encouraging, patient and offered demonstrations and modifications, as needed. I also started at a local gym. After talking to my health coach, we devised a plan for the pool and stationary bike- I love the water, so I was happy with the pool. I did walk/running laps and loved it! We worked on building my endurance on the stationary bike, my health coach wanted me to do 15 minutes and keep my heart rate between a certain range. Overtime, I have slowly, very slowly worked my way up to 1 hour on the bike while continuing to focus on maintaining my heartrate in the target zone. Once I became comfortable and started to build up lower body strength and endurance in the pool and on the bike, we devised a plan to progress me onto the elliptical. I started on the seated one and I enjoyed it! After about a week, I went on the standup one, and I really enjoyed it! Overtime, I worked my way up to 1 hour – I was so proud! During this time, I was still doing fitness routines Ashley devised for me, which she continued to create new ones as I progressed in my program. Between my healthy eating and workouts, I was sleeping better and starting to see results! I was finally on the right path and felt great! I’m continuing to pursue my health and wellness,  mind, body and soul every day because ultimately this process is not about a quick diet, it’s about an entire lifestyle change that I am grateful for every single day. 1:1 Coaching – 2019/2020

Candace Boyd

“Last fall, after being retired for a few months, I started being more serious about establishing a routine at the local health club, BFit. I had been a member for over 15 years but rarely attended regularly.  I was feeling overweight, had just been put on blood pressure medication and had lots of muscle aches and pains, so I met with Kim, the owner, to establish a routine that I could commit to. She gave me a personalized weight training program to do twice a week, but I wasn’t successful in sticking to it. I started dieting on my own, with limited success. 

Then one day I saw an ad for a new 8-week class that was designed for people with hypertension. I knew my husband also took blood pressure medication, was overweight and struggled with many physical issues, including pain in his knees, feet and  back. I suggested that we sign up and see if it would make a difference for us. Happily, he was also at the point that he was ready to make some changes, so we signed up and went to the first class. 

It was divided into 2 parts, 30 minutes of cardio of our choice, and a 30 minute discussion with Kim and Ashley. So suddenly we had support from a personal trainer, nutritionists, certified health coach and a nurse. Within the first 10 minutes of recumbent biking, my husband noticed a decrease in his pain level. He was sold! 

We faithfully attended every one of the 8 classes, and in addition, that first night we both made appointments to meet with Kim to create (and moderate) our own personal fitness plans. She was able to give us each a program that addressed our limitations and goals. With weekly encouragement from both Kim and Ashley, we immediately modified our eating and moving habits. 

It’s been about 2 months since the class ended and we are still doing well. We have lost more than 55 pounds between us, he is up to walking over 2 miles a day, (when before the class he had trouble making it from the car into the gym) and I walk 4 – 5 miles every day (up from about 1 – 2). 

We are eating clean (no added salt, sugars, no white flour or pasta, lots of veggies, fruit and lean protein). We haven’t felt this great in years, and we are anxious to get started on the next wellness series with Kim and Ashley at the end of January. (They were generous enough to schedule the class to start after our 4 week adventure in the sunny, warm south!) 

Thanks to Kim and Ashley we have learned the best ways to treat our bodies, and we are loving the results! 8-Week Lifestyle Modification Program @ BFit, Fall 2019

Karen Wheeler