Is Coaching For Me?

Sometimes all it takes is support, accountability and guidance to get you on the right path towards better health. 

  • Are feeling off and bogged down?
  • Are you lacking energy and always tired?
  • Are you overweight?
  • Are you obese?
  • Are you in the postpartum phase?
  • Are you fit?
  • Are you looking for better disease management?
  • Are you looking to prevent a disease that you are at risk for?
  • Are you looking to combat fatigue and soreness?
  • Are you tired of feeling uncertain about what foods to eat or not eat?
  • Are you intimidated by a gym?
  • Are you unsure what workouts are best for you and your ability?
  • Do you need someone to hold you accountable?
  • Are you tired of self-sabotaging the efforts you implement?
  • Are you sick of the yo-yo dieting?
  • Do you feel disconnected from yourself?
  • Do you desire to be more spiritually connected?
  • Do you suffer from negative self-talk and want to finally shift your limiting beliefs to ones that serve you?


Let’s connect!

Worried about the cost? If you want to start on a guided journey to a healthier you, don’t let the expense stop you from pursuing your well-being. We offer payment plans and a variety of different packages.  

Your health coaching services could be covered with your particular healthcare savings account (HSA) or flexible savings account (FSA).

If health coaching is covered, you will likely need a letter of medical necessity from your medical provider. Your HSA/FSA provider will likely have a simple form on their website that can be used for this purpose. The letter must include a medical diagnosis that supports the need for services. Your HSA/FSA should be able to answer any questions regarding the process. 

If you decide to move forward and ask your medical provider for a letter, I can help by providing information on what health and wellness coaching is and how it can help with your particular situation. 

I’m here to help!