The Kick Start

Throughout the 4-weeks, we will:

Review all pillars of health:

(Physical, Nutritional, Spiritual, Emotional, Financial, Occupational, Intellectual, Social / Relational)

  • Where you currently stand.
  • Where you desire to be.
  • Devise a plan to get from current level of health to desired level of health.

You will receive:

  • Weekly:
    • Subjective Log
    • Objective Log
    • Food Log
    • Hunger Cue Worksheet
    • Trigger/Habit Worksheet
    • Journal Prompts for reflection (8 total)
    • Recipes, as desired.
    • 1-2 individualized fitness plans based on initial assessment, goals and progress.

We will:

  • Work 1:1 together for 5-6 hours of coaching.

I will:

  • Support you between our 1:1 sessions via text message and /or email for accountability, questions, education and encouragement.