Ljiljana Yahyazadeh

“Ashley both changed and saved my life! I saw a picture of pregnant Ashley hanging off of a tree upside down and thought to myself— what was my excuse? Four children later, 30 extra pounds of baby weight plus in the midst of postpartum depression, Ashley couldn’t have come into my life at a better time. She showed up, pushed and motivated me day in, day out. As someone who was a former athlete in my HS and college days, with zero motivation and drive, I was capable of running 3 houses down from mine. But I had this idea of signing up for a Marathon!! I owe it to Ashley— pushing me further each day and not letting me give up, made me realize that I will always need her as part of my life. As a mom and an entrepreneur, it is so easy to get lost and not make time for yourself. Depression who? Extra weight where? With all that behind me, I keep on expanding my goals from running to building muscle and toning. She recently started training my teenage son, too. Just like me, he lacked the motivation, especially during quarantine. But since, Ajdin has come out of his shell and expressed to Ashley that he would like to run long distance with his mom. They continue to work on increasing his mileage— and as a mom to see that excitement in my child, makes me one happy mom and client!! I owe you my fitness success Ashley!!!!” 1:1 coaching – 2019/2020