Candace Boyd

One week, one month, one year – we all know how fast time goes by, at least I do. At the beginning of 2019, I was at my heaviest, pre-diabetic, low/no energy, sleep apnea and knew I needed to do something, or I would end up having another stroke, or worse. I was angry, sad, frustrated, and scared. In the past, I’ve lost weight, kept if off for a while only to gain it back. I’ve exercised but never to the point of it becoming a lifestyle. I knew that whatever I did, it would have to include a change in my nutrition, movement, sleep, and mind. I knew this was what I had to embrace in order to conquer this downhill spiral. I set a date: March 1st2019; this would be the day I’d start. I joined a gym, gave myself a major talking to, but the most important was hiring a coach. I looked at all the ones that were at the gym, looked online and came across Fit Together Health and Wellness. I took the plunge and reached out to Fit Together. After our first conversation and meeting, I knew I would hire her. We talked about my health, my nutrition, my lifestyle, my expectations and my goals. She did a physical assessment which was the next “wake up” call: my weight, my BMI, my balance, my difficulty with completing the assessments she needed me to do so she could put a plan in place for me. At our next meeting, she went over the routine she had devised for me with modification as needed. Initially, I was surprised with how easy the exercises looked, but when I attempted them, I was even more surprised by how hard it was for me to accomplish them. Ashley was encouraging, patient and offered demonstrations and modifications, as needed. I also started at a local gym. After talking to my health coach, we devised a plan for the pool and stationary bike- I love the water, so I was happy with the pool. I did walk/running laps and loved it! We worked on building my endurance on the stationary bike, my health coach wanted me to do 15 minutes and keep my heart rate between a certain range. Overtime, I have slowly, very slowly worked my way up to 1 hour on the bike while continuing to focus on maintaining my heartrate in the target zone. Once I became comfortable and started to build up lower body strength and endurance in the pool and on the bike, we devised a plan to progress me onto the elliptical. I started on the seated one and I enjoyed it! After about a week, I went on the standup one, and I really enjoyed it! Overtime, I worked my way up to 1 hour – I was so proud! During this time, I was still doing fitness routines Ashley devised for me, which she continued to create new ones as I progressed in my program. Between my healthy eating and workouts, I was sleeping better and starting to see results! I was finally on the right path and felt great! I’m continuing to pursue my health and wellness,  mind, body and soul every day because ultimately this process is not about a quick diet, it’s about an entire lifestyle change that I am grateful for every single day. 1:1 Coaching – 2019/2020