Here’s what my breathers have said…

“I felt really empowered by the end of our session. Actually, I’ll also add that the moment Ashley spoke into my intention at the beginning of the session, my whole body lit up. The music she picked throughout was so uplifting and inspiring, and Ashley has a beautiful voice. Hearing her say my mantra as we entered into the session really uplifted me and set the tone.”

“Ashley’s voice is so soothing. I felt completely at peace the entire time. The hour flew by as I learned to relax and let my emotions go.”

“I felt totally safe to be curious and bold in exploring the expanding areas of my consciousness. It was like an adventure of a lifetime. The healing I experienced was amazing and an indescribable gift. Ashley not only facilitated but created the space. Her wisdom, intuition, compassion, and presence allowed her to be an adventure guide that taught me to experience, explore, and enjoy yet allowed me to make the choices that come with driving the tour bus.”

“she made my session highly personalized and her timing of phrases, prompts, corrections, support, etc. was spot on and helped me to dive deeper into the emotions that were bubbling up for me.”

“My facilitator seems like a natural in this work. There is a genuineness about her that makes you feel like she is 100% committed to guiding you to the best experience possible. You can tell how much she believes in the value of breath work and that is reflected in how prepared she is and how connected she stays during the entire session.”

“Ashley is a natural and very organized, safe, calm supportive in witnessing and facilitating experience; felt her right there.”