December 3rd 2018 – Testing my Knowledge

Well after reading my last post, I first want to “check off” my to-do list that I created.

Since my last post, I have uploaded all of the necessary documentation to take the exam and I have also SCHEDULED the exam. I have continued with my studying efforts and am now in the practice test and review stage.

I have put a price on my packages and I hope to meet with my mentor this week to review and adjust. It’s so hard to figure that out…

I have purchased my domain, website and new business email account and have spent some time building my website and content. This also means that I have locked in the name of my business : Fit Together Health and Wellness. 🙂

I have not looked into business cards or pamphlets and have yet to trademark my business. I also need to get insurance. I guess this is my current to do list, in addition to: passing the exam, finalizing my packages, and figuring out the legal stuff.

It’s been about 3 weeks since my last post and I have accomplished a lot. I am happy with my progression but I do find myself bogged down with all the things left to do.

My biggest overwhelm right now is the legal stuff. I know I need to put together waivers, consents, agreements to participate etc. but I am clueless. I was talking to someone about it last week, she said because other health coaches exist, it’s likely that this legal paperwork already exists. So instead of feeling bogged down by having to create something, I can simply look for it.

I’m excited.

In addition to above, I’ve been trying to maintain a balance between my current nursing role, my marriage, my family, my friends, my own self care and enjoying the holidays. I saw a meme online the other day of Cruella Deville white knuckling a steering wheel with a gritted teeth smile and crazy hair …. Yup, that’s meRelated image

I’ve got to say though, with all of this hard work and effort that it is taking, my happiness, motivation and excitement about it has not waivered.

I am so ready to make this shift and I know it’s going to lead me to many great things and people.

Okay… back to studying.


November 13th 2018 – Keep on pluggin’

Less than a month since my last post, I’m making some serious strides towards the goal of my business launch around the beginning of the year.

Since my last post, I have signed up and completed the recertification for my CPR/AED training.

Since my last post, I have determined, with assistance from my team, the name of my business. I have sat on it for approximately 3 weeks without making any moves to lock it in. As of right now, the name of my business will be: Fit Together Health and Wellness.

Since my last post, I have met with my mentor, put together a business plan and packages for my clients. I am struggling with the price point right now and have yet to revisit it.

Since my last post, a lot of my time has been spent studying and preparing to take the Health Coach certification exam. I purchased the study material on October 15th 2018. Since making the purchase,  I have read the text book, I am halfway through the lesson exams, tests and reviews, I am starting to take small practice tests and I am listening to the audio and blog reviews.

What will I do in the coming weeks? Well, I need to upload the necessary documents in order to sit for the exam. I will continue my meticulous, repetitive study routine, and I hope to sign up for the exam. I hope to trademark my business name, purchase the website domain and start developing my website. I have yet to do this because I am waiting to hear back from my other mentor for guidance. I hope to complete the packages for my clients and to meet with my mentor again to further review my business plan and packages. I hope to start looking into creating business cards and possibly a pamphlet.

Above are all the tasks that have been keeping me very busy. To look at the whole picture is to see me excited, overwhelmed, focused, driven, tearful, full of doubts and questions, and contemplating my own ability to make this happen.

This is huge. This isn’t some hobby I want to create; I want this to be my livelihood. I want to be able to support my family with this income. I want this to be my career.

It’s been a roller-coaster, it’s quite comical thinking about it and envisioning my vacillating emotions regarding this huge feat. But the undeniable support does not waver – my team that is purvey to this huge shift is maintaining my forward motion. It takes a village and I’ve got it.



October 24th 2018 – The Beginning

First blog to document this journey of satisfying a dream. It came to me on September 27th 2018. I was on the couch with tears in my eyes feeling frustrated, stuck and emotionally heavy. I was questioning how I could continue this journey as a hospice nurse if after almost three years this was the emotional state I often found myself in. Maybe it’s just me. Or maybe I’m so familiar with containing my core self: easy going, goofy and happy to be “appropriate” when I am around my clients. I am an empathetic person and I never feel like it is appropriate to walk into a client’s home as my easy going, happy and goofy self when they are struggling and facing death. They are sad, low key and quite – so I match them to support them. Living this way for almost 3 years, I am finding it harder and harder to open my container at the end of the day that holds my goofy and funny side. I find it harder to open up and unleash it when I am home and done with work.

So as I rest and contemplate where my career is going, my thoughts drift to my upcoming half marathon. How can I combine my passion for running and fitness with nursing? I thought back to when I just graduated from nursing school and started a casual “Fit 4 Life” business where I worked with people to help them meet their fitness goals. That’s when the google search started.

“Fitness Nurse.”

“Nurse Health Coach.”

“Combining fitness and nursing”

An endless amount of searches, research and digging for ways to combine my passions.

It has been almost a month since that night. I have done countless research, I have reached out to many entrepeuners, I have listened to many many podcasts about “my shift”, I have networked and I have begun studying for my health coach certification. I have a rough and pretty clear idea of my clientele and goals for the business. I have a business name and goals to launch by the first of the year.

Right now, as I sit at my desk prior to starting my hospice nurse day, I still have overwhelming desperation to make a change, to find more balance and to shift my nursing focus from reactive to being more proactive.

It’s been a rollercoaster already of emotions – questioning self worth and if I’m “enough.” Wondering if I’ll fail or succeed. Wondering who I am to teach and support these people? But then that feeling fades and it’s followed by excitement, confidence, motivation and fierce desire.

I have a meeting with a mentor next week. I need to sign up for CPR and continue studying. I have yet to purchase a domain name, host or start my website. I have casually started to build a website but I don’t plan to use the ones I’ve started.

I have reached out to some trusted friends to confide in; they have helped maintain my confidence, guide me and support me through my journey.

It’s been less than a month. I’ve accomplished a lot so far, but there’s still so much more to do.

Follow me on this journey and check out my business – especially if you’re looking to reach your dreams and goals of being the healthiest version of yourself.

We can do it!