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June Newsletter

When you Accept What is…

Hear me out for a minute…

When the wind blows, we don’t try to change it; we accept it as it is. We don’t run up to the trees and attempt to hold them down because ultimately that wouldn’t work. The movement of the trees is a bi-product of the wind. When it rains, we don’t try to change it, stop it or alter it. Although some days we may not want it, we don’t push against the sky to make it stop, we simply accept it and adapt. 

What if we used this same concept with our emotions? What if when our emotions came up, we didn’t try to change them, suppress them, minimize them or ignore them, we simply accepted and adapted?

What if we accepted them for what they are: energy moving through us. 

What if we backed up, allowed space for our emotions so they could move through us instead of become us? 

My theory is that when emotions come up for us, it’s a clue. A clue that has the potential to lead us to deeper healing, understanding and awareness. 

What if you approached your emotions like you do the wind and the rain – accept them for what they are, shift to a vantage point of observation and adapt, as needed?

I invite you to honor any feelings that arise for you in the coming days, accept what is, while you stand firmly in your truth; stand firmly in the knowing that you are grounded, despite any emotion or feeling that moves through you. 

Something to consider: “I am the container for all of my emotions: I allow them in and I allow them out.”

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Breath work has Changed my Life

Bold statement, but simply the truth.

Breath work has made a significant impact on my life, my health, my healing and my spirituality. Sometimes it feels complex to talk about because it feels so different from what I have experienced in the past or from how I have previously lived my life, but it’s part of my life now. Breath work has allowed me to realize that I have everything I need within me. It’s allowed me to realize that when I’m having a really hard time, a really big feeling or a really down day, I have the power within me to re-center, re-align and settle into my essence. 

Breath work has helped me re-connect with the essence of who I am. I had a very intense vision during one of my sessions: there I was standing in darkness, holding onto a string that was connected to the black and white way of life I have been living, mostly in regard to my job. Through this session, I thought about my life and the journey I have been on. Through this session, I thought about how I’ve been feeling in my current role as a nurse. And by the end of this session, I realized that holding onto this string attached to the black and white way of life just simply didn’t feel right to me. It felt wrong. It felt heavy. It felt nauseating. It felt like I was trudging through concrete. And then I saw the other string. Attached to this string was the gray way of life. But to me, it wasn’t gray – it was so full of life and color. It felt light, it felt warm, it felt exactly like home. It was in this session that I realized, although most of my life I have felt that I need to climb the latter, or have the cookie-cutter way of life or a job that everyone understands, ultimately that’s not who I am. I am not the black and white way of life, I am the gray way of life, where it’s a bit more obscure, a bit more ambiguous, a little bit different from the mainstream, but exactly right for me. 

Breath work has helped me to heal and continues to help me to heal. There is a lot with this concept, but ultimately, I feel we all experience our own level of tragedy, trauma or wounding in our lives. Breath work has allowed me to do the shadow work, to nurture the parts of me that felt neglected, abandoned, hurt, abused or forgotten. Breath work has allowed me to nurture the little girl part of me that still feels that hurt. Breath work has allowed me more compassion, love and grace for who I am today and the traits that I have always deemed as weaknesses. 

Breath work has helped me to realize that I have everything I need inside of me to succeed. We are often taught throughout our lives that in order to be happy, in order to be successful, in order to be loved, or in order to be healthy, we must seek something outside of ourselves. Breath work has shown me that I have everything I need to achieve what I want to achieve in this life. Breath work has helped me to stop directing my attention externally for validation and accolades and instead turn my attention onto myself and seek internal validation, love and acknowledgement. 

Breath work has helped me to manage my stress, overwhelm and anxiety. Breath work has helped me to identify what I need and then to go after it. Breath work has helped me to re-become the version of me that I let go of, suppressed, ignored, have hated and/or abused. Breath work has helped me to recognize my worth and has helped me to stand strong in defending that worth.

Breath work has changed my life. 

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April Monthly Newsletter – Your Breath can Heal

Did you know that you have the power to heal yourself? Yes, you! You have the power within you to heal yourself from stress, anxiety, overwhelm and ailments. 
For so long we’ve been shown and told that in order to heal, we must take medication or we must seek something outside of ourselves; when in reality, we have everything we need within us. It comes down to something so simple, so natural and so essential to our existence: our breath.
Take a minute, sit back and recognize how you are currently breathing. Are you breathing into your belly or your chest? Is your breath long and slow? Or short and fast? Are you holding your breath? Is it irregular? Do you breathe in through your nose or your mouth? 
Anxiety, stress, or overwhelm is simply energy in our body. If we can learn to regulate our breath, we can learn to regulate and shift from our sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) to our parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest). 
When our bodies are in a constant state of stress our blood is typically acidic due to the increase in CO2 in our body. The increase in the CO2 in our body is due to our poor breathing habits. When our blood is acidic, it is an optimal environment for disease. 
Over the next month, I will be writing all about breath work: how it has made a massive impact on my life, overcoming my limiting beliefs and healing my childhood wounds. How it can optimize your health in regard to your immunity, respiratory and cardiovascular health, as well as mental health. How it can have an impact on how you pursue your days; one breath at a time.
That’s right, I am a certified breath work instructor and it’s time to show you the positive impact your breath can have on YOU.
It’s time to start healing ourselves, from the inside out? You in? Let’s go!

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Five Weeks that Could Change your Life

“I don’t know where to start. I always do this, I start something and then I quit…What’s the point?”

The point is, it CAN be better than this. You CAN be grateful for what you have, and still want more. You CAN have dreams while remaining humble. You can focus on yourself and your health when the world feels unsteady.

5-weeks to get you started. 5-weeks to kick-start your journey.

With a registered nurse and certified health coach offering you support, accountability, education and insight through workbooks and weekly meetings, you have the ability to set yourself up for success towards achieving your goals.

During this 5-week program, you will:

  • explore and pursue uncharted territory; looking at triggers, limiting beliefs and overcoming these barriers that shield you from connecting with your true self. 
  • identify your goals, implement daily habits, and create a daily routine for success. 
  • identify patterns when it comes to your nutrition and physical activity and implement changes to optimize your health.

Are you ready?

The perfect moment to start is right now. Let’s step on this path towards wellness together.

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Perspective – Looking Back on our COVID-19 Experience

I have done significant exploration around this idea of perspective; how to shift my perspective so it serves me and then live a life holding onto this idea that everything that happens, happens for me.

When we received the results of our COVID-19 test results, I managed my fear and anxiety by frequently addressing these questions and ideas:

  • What do I know to be true?
  • What can I control?
  • We would not be given anything we could not handle.
  • I am right where I am meant to be.

I used these questions and statements as a way to ground myself during quarantine and I continue to use them in the uncertainty of this pandemic, during this season of significant change and during a time that feels chaotic.

After the initial shock of COVID-19, I let go of this perspective of “this is happening to us” and was able to quickly shift into a state of “for whatever reason, this is happening for us.” Now that we are through it, now that we are back to work, daycare and school and even during our time of quarantine, I could and can clearly see why COVID-19 was for us.
During this time together, the two weeks in our home, just the four of us, we shared the most special, sweet and memorable experiences. The extra snuggles, the laughs, the scavenger hunts, the scarecrow making, the paper airplane races, the games, the movies, the arts and crafts, the playing outside mid-day, the swinging on the swings, the going to sleep knowing that we’d all wake up in the morning and get to spend another day together without having to leave. For some, the idea of not being able to leave might feel and sound suffocating, but for me, it was liberating. The idea of not having to rush out the door first thing in the morning, the idea that we could stay a little longer under the fuzzy blanket with Curious George on the TV and the idea that I could drink a hot cup of coffee a bit more slowly were the most comforting thoughts and feelings. In those moments, we were right where we were meant to be – with each other.

I am not discrediting the fact that my family is healthy. I am not discrediting the fact that we are blessed enough to have a home and to have food on the table. I am not discrediting the fact that this tag-line to this email could be triggering for some. If you have lost a loved one to COVID-19, I hold your family and the loss you experienced closely to my heart. 

What I want to say is this: even in times of stress, even in times of overwhelm, even in times of fear there is ALWAYS a reason for whatever you are experiencing. It may take years to figure out how a tragic event was for you or how a serious illness was for you, but if you can give yourself space, time, trust and freedom to be open to the idea that this is meant for you, you will be serving yourself and cultivating a life of hope and openness.
Choose to look for the good because you will always find it.
If you are dealing with something hard, if you find yourself ill or unwell, if you are facing change, if you are stuggling with fear and anxiety…ask yourself, how is this situation, feeling and/or challenge for me? It’s okay if you can’t find the answer right now, but I hope you can find some comfort in knowing that you would not be given anything you could not handle and you, my friend, are right where you are meant to be.

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Watch Your Words – The Way We Speak to Our Children

According to Brene Brown, shame is trauma. The brain processes social rejection or shame the same exact way it processes physical pain. “…childhood experiences of shame change who we are, how we think about ourselves, and our sense of self-worth.”

I’m going to preface this email by saying, I have been a parent for three years and by no means am I an expert. However, I will say that when I speak in a way that may carry some shame or hear someone speaking to a child in a way that may lead to feelings of shamefulness, I see it. I see it in the child’s eyes, demeanor and overall response. 

That awareness and observation of the sudden shift in the child is why I practice mindful communication as much as possible. Some days are certainly easier than others, but as a Mama, it’s important to me to foster confidence and self-worth for my children as much as possible.

When I hear communication directed at my kids or other kids that may lead to feelings of shame or limiting beliefs, I do my best to shift the statement.

Here are a few statements that I have heard spoken to my children and other children. 

  • You’re a mess!
  • You’re such a good girl for cleaning up your toys.
  • See, this is the side of you that I love.

I do my best to correct the phrasing when I hear it, which will intermittently lead to negative feedback from the person speaking the statement or positive feedback from the person speaking the statement. 
Statement: “Oh man, you’re covered in food, you’re a mess!” My response: “No, she’s not a mess, her shirt has food on it, her shirt is a mess.” OR “No, she’s not a mess, she made a mess.” 

Statement: “You’re such a good girl for cleaning up the toys.” My response: “She is always a good girl. By picking up her toys, she’s demonstrating good behavior.”

Statement: “See, this is the side of you I love.” This one took me by surprise. I heard it spoken quietly as I was passing by and I was not in a place to throw out a response. However, for continuity sake, my response to this statement: “We love every side of you, I’m glad you’re feeling better.” My thought around this statement of, ‘see, this is the side of you I love,’ in regard to the little person that heard this from someone they love is: does this mean when this little person was acting out and misbehaving, they weren’t loved? Or when they were expressing themselves, that side of them is unlovable? And now that they are behaving in a way that is deemed ‘acceptable,’ they are loved? A thought process or limiting belief that could materialize throughout this little person’s life as: “when I act this way, I am unloved. When I act this way, I am loved.” All of which could lead to acting in a way that is socially appropriate while abandoning what is true to them, their feelings and their needs.
I am not offering up parenting advice and certainly NOT perfect. I will be the first to admit that my anger, frustration and irritability can get in the way of clear and therapeutic communication. However, I am extremely aware that the way in which we speak to our children, will have a lasting impact.


  • Watch your words. 
  • Apologize when needed. 
  • Acknowledge their feelings and try to understand them.
  • Show compassion, vulnerability and acceptance to all sides and behaviors of our little humans. 
  • Acknowledge and be mindful of this idea of shame.


Our little humans seek our attention, guidance and knowledge on how to embrace this world and life. Show them that no matter what they do or how they act, good OR bad, they are inherently good and are loved. 

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September Monthly Newsletter

Watch Your Words

A series this month that will focus on the way we speak to ourselves, our children, and our partner.

Throughout this series, we’ll look at negative self-talk, the lasting impact of how we speak to our children and how our interactions with our partner can shift and alter our relationship.

According to research, repetitive negative thinking may increase a person’s risk for developing Alzheimer’s disease. And in another study, research has found that if we can practice self-control, we can improve our brain’s ability to exercise self-control. Ultimately, our mind has the power to alter our brain!

When it comes to the way we speak and communicate to our children, childhood experiences of shame change who we are, how we think about ourselves and our sense of self-worth!

The habits we have and the relationships we foster, good or bad, are all for reasons – mostly subconscious. If you’re wondering:

  • Why do I always have to be accomplishing something?
  • Why do I get frustrated when my schedule is completely thrown off?
  • Why do I feel like I have no control when I have something on my schedule?
  • Why did I just yell at my kid like that?
  • Why can’t I allow myself to rest?
  • Why can’t I figure out what I want in life?

There are reasons for these thoughts and actions. There are reasons you speak poorly to yourself. There are reasons you argue with your partner over the same thing time and time again. And there are reasons you intermittently speak to your child in non-therapeutic ways. 

These are learned behaviors and likely unresolved wounds that you are subconsciously acting out in the now with a compelling need to heal your own old childhood wound.

“So it is with the unconscious mind: the orderly, logical thoughts of our conscious mind are but a thin veil over the unconscious, which is active and functioning at all times. When we fall in love, this unconscious, trapped in the eternal now and having only a dim awareness of the outside world, is trying to re-create the environment of childhood. And the reason the unconscious is trying to resurrect the past is not a matter of habit or blind compulsion but of a compelling need to heal old childhood wounds.” The Unconscious Partnership, by Harville Hendrix

There is so much to explore with this seemingly simple topic. Watch your words, speak nicely to yourself, love yourself so you can love thy neighbor. But when it comes down to it, the way you speak to yourself, the way you act with your partner and the way you raise your children is happening on such an unconscious and subconscious level. 

Stay tuned for insight, support in exploring the way you communicate and tips and tricks on how to better your communication to optimize your relationship with yourself, your children and your partner. 

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Take Control

Calm vs PanicIn a time where the world seems like it’s ending and we’re all doomed (it’s not and we’re just fine) – here are a few tips to care for yourself and maintain control.

  • We are what we consume.
    • Keep this in mind as you scroll social media for the hundredth time or watch the news for the 6th time today – if you are hearing and reading about fear, anxiety and the unknown than you will take on those emotions as your own.
  • Move your body.
    • When you move your body, you change your mind. Feeling scared or uncertain? Go for a walk, go for a run, take a yoga class or play with the kids – whatever you do, move your body and you will change your mindset.
  • Eat foods that serve your body.
    • People often stress eat or don’t eat when they are anxious. Stay focused on consuming whole, natural foods that will give you energy for an extended period of time.
  • Drink the water.
    • Yes, I mean water. Often times when people are stressed, they reach for a numbing agent: alcohol, sugar, prescription pills, tv, etc. These things help an individual disconnect from reality. Drink the water, stay present in the moment and lean into the feelings you are having – they are valid and you will overcome them.
  • Get outside.
    • Yes, we’re still in the winter season but it is so empowering to be outside in the fresh, crisp air while you soak up the Vitamin D.

It’s okay to be fearful and anxious about the current situation. However, you have the power to let it consume you or to be informed and to keep on living. The choice is yours.

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March Newsletter – How Do you Tackle Your Hills?

When stress hits, do you revert back to your unhealthy habits? When you don’t see the results you want, do you lay down and accept defeat? When you are discouraged with the effort it takes to change, do you give up because it’s too hard?

How are you overcoming the challenges that life throws your way?

At the beginning of any pursued goal, it’s easy. You have the motivation and drive to implement changes; you’re hopeful, eager and excited. You find yourself working hard in pursuit of something you deeply desire and know that you need. However, as you progress towards the goal and start measuring your success, what do you do if you find yourself unhappy with the results?

What if you’re on a journey towards improved health and wellness and a way you measure success is by the number on the scale, how do you respond if the number hasn’t shifted?

Do you find yourself frustrated and give up? Do you recognize the efforts you have implemented and find other ways to measure your success and continue your journey? Do you use this as a launch pad to shift your approach and continue with the forward motion towards your ultimate goal?

We have so many opportunities throughout our lives and days to accept defeat or to continue to push through. Giving up, believing we’ll never succeed and/or believing it’s just not for us is a learned behavior and limiting belief.

Pursuing improved health and wellness is challenging, it takes time and effort. The question is, would you rather stay in a state of familiar discomfort or pursue something that will likely improve your quality of life?

The choice is yours. The time will pass. Will you accept defeat or use it as a launch pad to push harder and get exactly what you want?

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Taking Intentional Time to Reset

Road Through a Forest in the Mountains and Blue Sky with Clouds

It’s easy to start off the year with goals and intentions for success, however are you also planning some time to relax and unwind? In a world that is extremely fast-paced and in a world where the word “busy” is seen as an accolade, planning some time to relax and unwind can seem like the wrong thing to do. Well, I am here to tell you IT’S NOT. It is 100% the RIGHT thing to do and is necessary for continued success and to avoid burnout.

Whether that time be spent on a Caribbean beach or a stay-cation where the kids continue to go to daycare, it is vital to recharge.

For the past few years, we have planned an extended getaway to the ocean with our best friends; it has always been a trip that I look forward to, enjoy and use as a way to reset. This year will be no different. We are already brainstorming locations and will likely book this month.

Consider taking a moment to brainstorm when, how and where you’ll take some intentional time to regroup, reset and rise even higher this year. It doesn’t have to be expensive and whatever you choose to do, it will definitely be worth it!