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August Newsletter

Hello my friend!

I wanted to use the opportunity of this newsletter to make a few announcements.

  • I have completely changed the structure of my 1:1 coaching. Although I have always taken a holistic approach with my clients, I am integrating breath work into my programs for healing, transformation and expansion. With this new structure, we will take an inside-out / bottom-up approach. This work is not only about shifting your mindset, it’s about completely shifting the stories, limiting beliefs and unconscious beliefs you have about yourself for consistent and sustainable lifestyle changes.
  • With this massive shift, I have completely revamped and UPDATED my website with a more detailed break down of all my packages: who they are for and what you can expect when working with me. 
  • I have also created AND implemented two, six-week breath work series. One is for stress management and the other is for reconnecting and re-aligning with yourself. Each series offers you individualized, guided breath work sessions, as well as audios and worksheets to dive deeper into each week’s topic. 
  • My success story page is updated with multiple new testimonials!
  • There’s ease of access to schedule a FREE 15-minute consultation call.

I am SO excited about all of the changes that have taken place behind the scenes and I KNOW that this work is so crucial for consistent change. Please visit my website to check it out!

If you are someone or know of someone that would benefit from not only health coaching, but from overcoming self-sabotage, negative self-talk or deep healing, please reach out or send my information along. 

If we want to feel better, we need to be better feelers. And if we desire lifelong change, the change starts within. 

I am accepting new clients and am eager to support individuals on their journey. 

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We’re HALFWAY Through 2021!

Where are you at?!

Every January I set intentions and goals for the upcoming year. In recent years, I have been extremely specific about my annual goals and the steps it’ll take for me to accomplish them. I look at them frequently throughout the year to ensure I am on track but each July I take a good, hard and honest look at the goals I set, my progress thus far and if they are still relevant to me and my dreams. 

My midyear check-in is about reviewing the following:

  • where am I at in the process of meeting my goals?
  • what MUST I do over the next 6 months to reach my goals?
  • if I have reached a goal, can I level up in that area, if desired?
  • do my goals still feel attainable, or do they need to shift a bit – make bigger or a bit smaller?
  • how am I feeling about my progress?
  • what am I surprised by?
  • what has been the hardest step(s) towards reaching my goals? How will/have I overcome it?
  • what is the feeling I want to embody at the end of 2021?

This process can be a motivating wake-up call to maintain the fire I set in January. Sitting here typing this and looking at the goals I set in January, I can celebrate the fact that I have already accomplished a few of them, while simultaneously recognizing that I haven’t dedicated much time to others. 

This opportunity of a midyear check-in allows me to shift my focus a bit, if needed and maintain the course. 

Did you set goals/intentions at the beginning of the year? If so, how are you doing on progress? 

Want support? Reach out, I’m happy to help!

There’s STILL six months in this year! What do you want to achieve by January 2022? And more importantly, what feeling do you want to embody?

Keep going, you’re worth it.

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May Newsletter – Big Life Changes!

Hello all – I  have a few BIG updates for you today. 

First off, I am OFFICIALLY 35-years-old! I turned 35 on April 26th and it was an amazing day. I spent the morning hiking Camel’s Hump! Through the 14-20 MPH winds, 30-degree temperatures, rocks covered in ice and a lot of fear, doubt, uncertainty and self-coaching, I made it to the top. Never in my life have I hiked alone but what better day to do it than on my birthday! I felt empowered, thrilled, and grateful when I made it to the top. Sometimes I want to push through the journey without even recognizing the beauty in it just to get to the destination, but this hike wasn’t about standing on top of that mountain, it was about the grit, determination and self-coaching it took to get me there. Our strength is built in our journey. Needless to say, I am so ready for this next year of my life; every step, every trip, every fall and everything in-between. You’re mine, 35!

Which brings me to my next big announcement: two months ago, I stopped working at Home Health and Hospice to pursue my business FULL TIME. That’s right, I am officially 100% an entrepreneur pursuing this dream of mine. I have kept it pretty “hush hush” because I’ve wanted to avoid any additional perceived pressure and because of the fear of failure. However, I see how this could also limit my capacity for growth. I also see that this dream not becoming what I want it to be, isn’t a failure; a failure is never giving it the attention it deserves. So as I pursue this dream, as I stumble, as I thrive, as I fall – just know that although you may see me fall, you will always see me get back up. 

My ask for you is this: if you are someone or know of someone that is looking for support as they pursue their health and wellness, will you give them my information? If you know someone wanting support when it comes to movement, nutrition, behavioral health or stress management, I can help them. If you know someone struggling with stress, overwhelm, exhaustion, or anxiety, I can help them. My mission with this dream of mine is: to help guide people on a journey towards healing. We are our own medicine and our own remedy, but sometimes it just takes someone to light the path for us. That’s what I’m here to do. 

I’m pumped for this year. I’m ecstatic with the decisions, expansion and development I’ve experienced lately and there’s SO much more to come. 

Check out my website for a quick refresher on the different services I offer and keep it in mind when someone is expressing dissatisfaction with their current level of health – I’m their gal! 🙂

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What’s Your Word for 2021?

Have you ever considered coming up with a word that would guide you through a decision, or an entire year? This concept is something I started two years ago and it certainly has set the tone for the past two years.

Throughout 2020, I spent most of the year reminding myself of the word I chose: commit. At the beginning of the year when I dedicated 2020 to the word commit, it meant committing to my dreams, my vision, my needs, my wants, my goals and the plans I had put into place. Commit resembled continuing on a course despite the challenges, poor motivation or mood I was in. Commit meant to adapt, pivot and implement changes as needed with keeping the bigger picture in mind. Despite the year 2020 has been, I sit here feeling humble that I committed myself to the person I want to be, my family, my friends, my business – clients and patients, my goals and dreams. 

As I look forward to 2021, the word that will guide me through this year is trust. With this word, I will lean into trusting the process, trusting myself, trusting my emotions, trusting my physical responses to moments and interactions and trusting that wherever I am, is right where I’m meant to be. I am choosing this word for a few reasons. First off, trust does not come easily to me but what I do know is that when when something significant has happened in my life, my intuition knew exactly what I needed to do. I want to foster that trust in my ability to know what’s right and what I need to do. I am choosing the word trustbecause I am at a pivotal point with a few big things and I need to trust that no matter what happens, I will find lessons, growth and strength in myself.

What are your thoughts on identifying one word for 2021? One word as an empowering reminder to continue the pursuit towards your goals and intentions when things get tough. One word you can whisper to yourself when you are faced with a challenging or overwhelming situation or conversation. One word to carry you through challenge and to come out on the other side stronger, more confident and with a sense of pride for sticking with something despite the discomfort it might have caused.

If you want to reach for the best version of yourself, you have to get uncomfortable. You can’t grow in your comfort zone. Lean into the discomfort, whisper that word and find yourself one step closer to your vision. 

It’s a new year, go again!

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Preparing for 2021

Bring it On, 2021!

It may be hard for you to consider coming up with a plan for 2021 when it feels like things could change at the drop of a hat. Let’s plan for 2021 and anticipate massive change. Let’s plan for 2021 and the change you want to make. What are a few small things you want to accomplish in the upcoming year?

  • Do you want learn how to cook?
  • Do you want to organize the basement?
  • Do you want to read 10 books?
  • Do you want to train for a 5K or half marathon?
  • Do you want to strengthen your marriage?
  • Do you want to strengthen your relationship with your kids?
  • Do you want to laugh more?
  • Do you want to travel to Mexico?!

Take a minute to consider a few small things you want to achieve in the upcoming year and write them down. Now, take a minute to consider how you will achieve them. Not only is the goal important to identify, but the how is critical for success.

One thing I will achieve in 2021 is this:

I create a Fit Together Health and Wellness Workbook for my new clients!

This is super exciting for me and probably the first time I have put this out into the universe, BUT it’s something I have been thinking and dreaming about since launching the business in 2019. I think 2021 will be the perfect year to get this going!

So, I’ve clearly laid out one of my goals/intentions for 2021, this is how I’m going to do it:

Goal: Create a Fit Together Health and Wellness Workbook for new clients.

Step 3: Find manufacturer to create book / go to print!

Step 2: Put together the contents of the workbook in a user-friendly, effective layout. 

Step 1: Create the contents of the workbook.

This step-by-step process was inspired by Rachel Hollis. Although these steps are big steps and there are micro-steps imbedded in each one, it gives me a clear picture of what I need to start doing and complete before moving to the next step. 

So, how about you? Not a goal setter? I encourage you to give it a shot. Even if it seems trivial or like such a small goal – DO IT ANYWAY. If we aim at nothing, we will get nothing every time. 

If you want help with this, I’m happy to help! Just reach out and we can develop a step-by-step plan for you to achieve your goals and intentions for 2021. 

I believe in you and your ability to achieve your dreams, do you believe in you?

Let’s go!

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When you Hit A Lull in Your Progress

I’m sure you’ve heard it before and maybe you have even experienced it before; you’ve committed to your wellness, optimizing your health and shifting your trajectory towards chronic illness, and then suddenly nothing seems to be shifting. You’re feeling more fatigued and with little energy. Your blood work stops improving or your weight loss hits a plateau. It happens more often than not. Here are some reasons for it: the body adapts to the training/changes, people stop following their nutrition or fitness plans after a few months, and/or the metabolism slows down if a person loses weight quickly.  Here are a few ways you can kickstart things again:

  • Log your food – Tedious? Yes, but necessary for mindful eating. Just do it. 🙂
  • Increase exercise frequency or intensity – If you’ve been stuck on a cardio kick, implement some weight training. If you’ve been performing only weight training, implement 15-30 minutes per day of cardiovascular exercise that you enjoy. Consider increasing the number of repetitions, increasing the weight or increasing the number of exercises completed in a given timeframe. 
  • Assess your sleep – Sleep is KEY when it comes to our health. Sleep keeps our heart healthy, reduces our risk for obesity, and strengthens our immune system. The goal is 7-9 hours per night, with the same bedtime and wakeup time each day. 
  • Manage your stress – Consider deep breathing, meditation, music or any other stress management interventions that you can implement to calm you down when you’re revving up. Being in a state of chronic stress can impact hormonal changes that lead to an increased appetite. Stress can stimulate gherlin, an appetite enhancer and reduce the sensitivity of leptin, an appetite suppressant. Stress can literally shut of the signals to your brain about when to stop eating.
  • Bring on the fiber – Research shows that many people in the United States eat only half of the daily recommended amount of fiber. Implement small changes: add an additional fruit or vegetable each day for benefits such as: reduced inflammation, lower cholesterol, blood sugar control, plus bowel regularity!

Any lull in progress can be discouraging. However, it can also be an opportunity for continued growth, adaptation and progression. Barriers will come and go – choose to see them as opportunities vs. obstacles. 

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Take Control

Calm vs PanicIn a time where the world seems like it’s ending and we’re all doomed (it’s not and we’re just fine) – here are a few tips to care for yourself and maintain control.

  • We are what we consume.
    • Keep this in mind as you scroll social media for the hundredth time or watch the news for the 6th time today – if you are hearing and reading about fear, anxiety and the unknown than you will take on those emotions as your own.
  • Move your body.
    • When you move your body, you change your mind. Feeling scared or uncertain? Go for a walk, go for a run, take a yoga class or play with the kids – whatever you do, move your body and you will change your mindset.
  • Eat foods that serve your body.
    • People often stress eat or don’t eat when they are anxious. Stay focused on consuming whole, natural foods that will give you energy for an extended period of time.
  • Drink the water.
    • Yes, I mean water. Often times when people are stressed, they reach for a numbing agent: alcohol, sugar, prescription pills, tv, etc. These things help an individual disconnect from reality. Drink the water, stay present in the moment and lean into the feelings you are having – they are valid and you will overcome them.
  • Get outside.
    • Yes, we’re still in the winter season but it is so empowering to be outside in the fresh, crisp air while you soak up the Vitamin D.

It’s okay to be fearful and anxious about the current situation. However, you have the power to let it consume you or to be informed and to keep on living. The choice is yours.

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March Newsletter – How Do you Tackle Your Hills?

When stress hits, do you revert back to your unhealthy habits? When you don’t see the results you want, do you lay down and accept defeat? When you are discouraged with the effort it takes to change, do you give up because it’s too hard?

How are you overcoming the challenges that life throws your way?

At the beginning of any pursued goal, it’s easy. You have the motivation and drive to implement changes; you’re hopeful, eager and excited. You find yourself working hard in pursuit of something you deeply desire and know that you need. However, as you progress towards the goal and start measuring your success, what do you do if you find yourself unhappy with the results?

What if you’re on a journey towards improved health and wellness and a way you measure success is by the number on the scale, how do you respond if the number hasn’t shifted?

Do you find yourself frustrated and give up? Do you recognize the efforts you have implemented and find other ways to measure your success and continue your journey? Do you use this as a launch pad to shift your approach and continue with the forward motion towards your ultimate goal?

We have so many opportunities throughout our lives and days to accept defeat or to continue to push through. Giving up, believing we’ll never succeed and/or believing it’s just not for us is a learned behavior and limiting belief.

Pursuing improved health and wellness is challenging, it takes time and effort. The question is, would you rather stay in a state of familiar discomfort or pursue something that will likely improve your quality of life?

The choice is yours. The time will pass. Will you accept defeat or use it as a launch pad to push harder and get exactly what you want?

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What is your WORD?

Motivational and inspirational quote.

Ever thought of coming up with a word that would guide you through a decision or even an entire year? Last year was the first year I dedicated myself to one word for the year. My word was unafraid. 

I chose this word for 2019 for many reasons, but mostly because I planned to pursue big things that I had never conquered before. I knew it would be challenging, scary and overwhelming. In the past, I have often allowed these feelings of overwhelming fear to deter me from my pursuit; as I approached and started 2019, I decided I no longer wanted to turn my back on a dream or goal because it felt overwhelming or challenging. I decided that dedicating the word unafraid to 2019, would push me to recognize these feelings while still pursuing whatever it was that was causing these feelings.

I found myself saying unafraid a lot throughout the year. It was a quick reminder for me to acknowledge these feelings, and refocus on accomplishing the goal anyway. I would say the word to myself and find myself sitting or standing a little stronger, ready to barrel through the task at hand. Was it still challenging, overwhelming, anxiety producing and uncomfortable? Absolutely. Did I grow tremendously this year because I didn’t turn my back when something was challenging and instead leaned in? Absolutely. Do I regret any of the things I did or said? Absolutely not. 

That’s the thing about this year, identifying a word to tackle the year helped me grow and stay focused. I realized that even though I may feel overwhelmed or fearful, I can use those feelings to fuel my pursuit and push me to a place I’ve never been. 

As we approach 2020, I plan to identify another word for the year.

What are your thoughts on identifying one word for your 2020? One word as an empowering reminder to continue the pursuit towards your goal and intentions when things get tough. One word you can whisper to yourself when you are faced with a challenging or overwhelming situation or conversation. One word to carry you through the challenge and to come out on the other side stronger, more confident and with a sense of pride for sticking with something despite the discomfort it might have caused. 

If you want to reach for the best version of yourself, you have to get uncomfortable. You can’t grow in your comfort zone. Lean into the discomfort, whisper that word and get after it – what are you waiting for? 

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Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail

Setting your intentions for 2020 while you’re still in 2019…

2020 New year concept. Goals list in stationery, laptop, notebook, smartphone, pot plant on pink pastel color with copy space
I know we are still enjoying the festivities and all the things to do with 2019, however, have you started to think about the things you want for 2020? I started thinking about what I want for 2020 back in October/November.  I started to brainstorm my goals and desires before we concluded 2019, because I needed to plan and create a clear road map that would kick start 2020 on January 1st.

I no longer want to wake up on January 1st with the taste of 12/31 in my mouth. I no longer want to wake up hungover, with stale makeup on and dragging myself from my bed to the couch. I want to wake up with zip and excitement for the start of a new year. I want to wake up as fresh as 2020 feels. So what does that mean?

That means planning in 2019 just what I want to achieve in 2020, so when day one hits, I’m ready to hit the ground running.

I have created 4 personal goals and 4 business goals for 2020 – here is my road map that I have developed for one goal from each category.

Personal Goal: run 5 full marathons

  • Step 1: Find the marathons
  • Step 2: Sign up for the marathons
  • Step 3: Train for the marathons.

Business Goal: grow my profit by 50%

  • Step 1: Go where the clients are/find clients
  • Step 2: Promote and pitch Fit Together
  • Step 3: Sign the clients

By creating these road maps, I know exactly what I need to be doing on January 1st.

By creating these goals and intentions for 2020 in 2019, I know how I want the year to unfold.

2019 has been one of my most intentional, productive and exciting years. With all the tools I have developed and the effort I plan to put forward, I know 2020 is going to be even better than 2019… and who wouldn’t get excited about that?!

Every day is a chance to change your life. I am no longer sitting idle and allowing life to simply go by. I am choosing to actively pursue my dreams and goals with such ferocity; this will take work, effort, diligence and efficiency and I am here for it!

What’s your plan for 2020? It’s never too early to start planning.