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We’re HALFWAY Through 2021!

Where are you at?!

Every January I set intentions and goals for the upcoming year. In recent years, I have been extremely specific about my annual goals and the steps it’ll take for me to accomplish them. I look at them frequently throughout the year to ensure I am on track but each July I take a good, hard and honest look at the goals I set, my progress thus far and if they are still relevant to me and my dreams. 

My midyear check-in is about reviewing the following:

  • where am I at in the process of meeting my goals?
  • what MUST I do over the next 6 months to reach my goals?
  • if I have reached a goal, can I level up in that area, if desired?
  • do my goals still feel attainable, or do they need to shift a bit – make bigger or a bit smaller?
  • how am I feeling about my progress?
  • what am I surprised by?
  • what has been the hardest step(s) towards reaching my goals? How will/have I overcome it?
  • what is the feeling I want to embody at the end of 2021?

This process can be a motivating wake-up call to maintain the fire I set in January. Sitting here typing this and looking at the goals I set in January, I can celebrate the fact that I have already accomplished a few of them, while simultaneously recognizing that I haven’t dedicated much time to others. 

This opportunity of a midyear check-in allows me to shift my focus a bit, if needed and maintain the course. 

Did you set goals/intentions at the beginning of the year? If so, how are you doing on progress? 

Want support? Reach out, I’m happy to help!

There’s STILL six months in this year! What do you want to achieve by January 2022? And more importantly, what feeling do you want to embody?

Keep going, you’re worth it.

Fitness, Goals, Health and Wellness, Mid-Year Check In, Mindset, Perspective

Elephant in the Room

elephant sitting on chair

This Year Is Halfway Over…

That’s right, we are HALFWAY through 2020! Some of you are thinking, ‘thank goodness’ while others are shocked we’re even in July. Although this year has had some challenges, it continues to fly by.

Which brings me to this, the elephant in the room. The goals and intentions you set for 2020 at the beginning of the year, how close are you to achieving them?

I am asking this now, because you STILL HAVE six months to achieve these goals. Maybe you closed the door to the goals when the pandemic hit. Maybe you lost momentum. Maybe you just don’t care about these goals anymore. Whatever situation resonates with you, KNOW that if you choose to, you can still achieve a tremendous amount with the time we have left in this year.

Don’t throw this year out when we still have half of it left.
Don’t give up because you didn’t anticipate these external challenges.
Don’t think or believe your dreams aren’t worth it because there are bigger things going on in the world.

There are approximately 165 days left in this year. 165 days to get up a little earlier and dedicate just 15 minutes to whatever that goal or dream is. If you dedicate 15 minutes during your most productive time of the day for the remaining days of this year, that’s approximately 41 hours of time towards your goal or dream. Imagine what you can accomplish in 41 hours during your MOST productive time of the day. The possibilities are endless!

It’s time to look at those goals, evaluate your progress and go again. Maybe during this process you realize that one of those goals is unachievable this year because of the circumstances we are facing. If that’s the case, scale it back, change it or make a new one. Set a goal that is achievable and then make it a little bit bigger.

If I’m being honest, I have to reconfigure one of my goals and I hate doing it. I set a goal back in December 2019 to run five marathons this year: 26.2 miles, 5 times! I maintained my training when the pandemic and state of emergency happened and then in May I hit a complete wall. I lost all drive, motivation and determination to tackle it. My body ached, I felt overwhelmingly fatigued and I needed to physically rest. This was a big goal; I chose five marathons because back in 2010, I ran four in one year and I wanted to push myself this year. With marathon cancellations, structured training no longer a thing and increased awareness to what my body actually needs right now, I have shifted this goal to: run 3-5 miles at least 5-6 days a week for my mental and physical health.

What I’m trying to say is, you’re not alone. When people set goals and intentions at the beginning of the year, approximately 80% of these goals and intentions fall to the wayside within the first month.

What I’m trying to say is, you STILL HAVE six months left in this year and you can still achieve the things you want!

Don’t throw 2020 away because it’s a dumpster fire. You can control your effort and attitude. You can control what you put into this year and what you get out EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Let’s go. Get up. Re-evaluate where you are and start again.

Goals, Mid-Year Check In

Mid-Year Check In!

Notebook page with 2019 plan text white office desk table. Top view flatl lay new year resolutionsWell, July 2019 is behind us which means we have 5 months…that’s right, only 5 months left in this year to reach the goals we established in January.

Have you done a mid-year check in yet? Have you revisited those goals you set to see how close or how far you are from meeting them?

Every year I write down my goals and intentions for the year. Knowing in January that I was going to launch my business, I set business and personal goals.

When I sat down to do my mid-year check in, I rewrote all of my personal and business goals on a blank piece of paper. I checked off the goals I had already accomplished and did a little dance. Then I took some significant time looking at and assessing the goals I had yet to accomplish. If I am being honest, I had rocked my personal goals, but my business goals were lacking. I realized that the business goals were unrealistic, and I say this with compassion for myself knowing that I have NEVER started a business.

At this point of the check-in, we have a few choices:

Continue with the effort if it’s going to get you to your goal.
Ramp up the effort if that’s what you need for optimal success.
Re-write your goals to align with reality and to find success in a new way.
I chose option 3. I chose to rewrite my business goals in a 3-step process – 3 big steps that would get me to the finish line.

Let me give you an example of how to do this.

Goal – to help and work with 10 clients by 12/31/19.
1st step – narrow down and figure out my ideal client and find out where they are.
2nd step – Go to where they are and pitch Fit Together.
3rd step – Sign 10 clients onto the program.

Seems simple, right? Yes, I guess it looks simple but there’s a lot of micro-steps that go into those 3 large steps. I did this process for 4 business goals that I rewrote and am already on my way to accomplishing them.

So – what’s one of your goals for 2019? Is it to run a 5k? Okay, let’s break it down.

Goal – to run a 5k
1st step – buy running shoes and start walk/running 3-5 days / week.
2nd step – increase mileage/distance by approximately 1 mile per week.
3rd step – sign up for a 5K

We can set goals at any point in our lives – but the key to accomplishing these goals is a plan. Hope is not a plan. You need a step-by-step process to get you to where you want to go. Don’t give up on the intention you set for 2019 in January, there’s still 5 months left! 5 months to go after whoever you dreamed of being or whatever you dreamed of accomplishing. If you want help with a mid-year check in, let me know!