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We’re HALFWAY Through 2021!

Where are you at?!

Every January I set intentions and goals for the upcoming year. In recent years, I have been extremely specific about my annual goals and the steps it’ll take for me to accomplish them. I look at them frequently throughout the year to ensure I am on track but each July I take a good, hard and honest look at the goals I set, my progress thus far and if they are still relevant to me and my dreams. 

My midyear check-in is about reviewing the following:

  • where am I at in the process of meeting my goals?
  • what MUST I do over the next 6 months to reach my goals?
  • if I have reached a goal, can I level up in that area, if desired?
  • do my goals still feel attainable, or do they need to shift a bit – make bigger or a bit smaller?
  • how am I feeling about my progress?
  • what am I surprised by?
  • what has been the hardest step(s) towards reaching my goals? How will/have I overcome it?
  • what is the feeling I want to embody at the end of 2021?

This process can be a motivating wake-up call to maintain the fire I set in January. Sitting here typing this and looking at the goals I set in January, I can celebrate the fact that I have already accomplished a few of them, while simultaneously recognizing that I haven’t dedicated much time to others. 

This opportunity of a midyear check-in allows me to shift my focus a bit, if needed and maintain the course. 

Did you set goals/intentions at the beginning of the year? If so, how are you doing on progress? 

Want support? Reach out, I’m happy to help!

There’s STILL six months in this year! What do you want to achieve by January 2022? And more importantly, what feeling do you want to embody?

Keep going, you’re worth it.


July Newsletter – My Protectors

A little food for thought, a little personal share and a little insight on this beautiful start to July. 

Full transparency…recently, I have been feeling some feelings. Hear me out…and let me share with you this process.

What I had been feeling up until recently is an overwhelm of anger, irritation and frustration. It has felt choking, contracting and suffocating. I have felt it in my neck and in my throat and the more angry I got, the tighter the hands around my neck and chest squeezed.

These feelings of anger are old coping mechanisms. These feelings are protectors to the parts of me that were triggered; I was feeling unseen, unheard and under appreciated. So instead of feeling those raw emotions and being vulnerable, I chose anger. 

The protector stood in front of my part, the little girl part of me that felt unseen. The anger protected the rawness of my vulnerability.

I’m sharing this with you because we all get triggered and the beautiful thing about our triggers, is that they are clues for deeper healing. 

I’m sharing this with you because even though I experienced the anger and frustration, I was also able to hold space for those feelings without becoming them. As I held space for those feelings, I was able to identify the little girl part of me that was feeling unseen and I was able to give her exactly what she needed: validation, love and comfort. 

This process is called a triad. There is the protector, the part and the emotional need of the part. 

What sort of protectors do you utilize to guard your little girl or little boy that shows up when triggered? Do you avoid? Become a victim? People please? Control? Numb out? Manipulate? Project? Become addicted? Become hyperaware? 

What part of you is standing behind those protectors? The worrier? The anxious one? The one that doesn’t feel worthy? The one that feels unlovable? The one that feels abandoned? The one that feels unimportant? The one that doesn’t feel enough?

What is the emotional need of your part that is behind that protector? Is it appreciation? Love? Comfort? Validation? Safety? Community? Purpose? Belonging? Connection? Encouragement? 

Once we can start identifying our protectors, we can get more curious about our actions.

My protector of anger is there because with the first rupture when I felt unseen, anger served my emotional need of validation, comfort and love.

Think about it.. when I was a little girl I probably felt unseen in some situation… I acted out in anger and my mom or dad probably turned towards me and gave me what I was seeking… I got exactly what I needed.

I formed the unconscious memory that THIS action gets me THAT of which I am seeking.

What type of protectors/coping strategies do you use to get your needs met? Are they serving you?

How can you honor your protectors and hold space for them while simultaneously re-parenting yourself and giving the part of you that is showing up exactly what they need?

We are our own healers. 

I invite you to explore this this week and reach out if you want support. 

I see you. I love you.

Happy July!


Happy Father’s Day!

From my family to yours, Happy Father’s Day! I hope this day is filled with rest, relaxation and a lot of snuggles and love from your kids. Speaking as a daughter, wife and mama, you are an integral part in our lives – thank you.

Enjoy your day in whatever way suits you!


It’s Time to Breathe

Finding yourself easily triggered or overwhelmed these days?

Experiencing stress when it comes to managing your day-to-day tasks?

What if you could transform all of those emotions into energy that would serve you and your overall health in just 15-minutes?

The truth is you have the power to transform your emotions and energy in a matter of seconds, and it’s all with the use of your breath.

Want to learn how to utilize your breath to optimize your mental, emotional and physical health

Rest, Relax, Reset – Breathe to Embody is a 6-week series launching on June 28th. This program is designed to guide, support and educate you on identifying the power of your breath for stress management, overcoming anxiety and overwhelm, as well as honoring your emotions and reconnecting with your true self

Through weekly worksheets, breath work audio recordings and live guided breath work sessions, this program will empower you to use your breath so you can thrive.

Interested in learning more? Reach out and I’ll send you all the details!

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My Top Five Tips for Getting Back on Track

Ever find that after a busy season, holiday or family vacation you need to pull yourself back up onto the wagon to get back on track? Consider these five tips as a way to optimize your health!

  • Movement – 
    • USDA recommends people move their body for 150 minutes per week – this breaks down to 30 minutes, five days a week or ten minutes, 15 times. What I recommend is that you choose an activity that you enjoy to optimize the likelihood of consistency. 
    • When doing movement, stay within your aerobic heart rate zone! When we maintain our heart rate in our aerobic zone, we run our cells aerobically with oxygen, which is up to 16 times more energy efficient compared to our anaerobic heart rate zone. The goal is to stay in that energy-efficient, clean burning, oxygen-eating aerobic zone for the vast majority of time during exercise. Use thisinformation to calculate your aerobic heart rate zone.
    • Put movement on your schedule, ideally in the morning before anything gets in your way. Show up for your movement appointment as you would any therapy, dental, or chiropractic appointment.
    • Breaking the myth – you do not, I repeat, you do NOT need fancy, expensive equipment to get healthy and to move your body. All you need is yourself, and ideally proper footwear.
  • Nutrition – 
    • Minimize processed food – most processed food has harmful, toxic oils in it. The oils are considered TOXIC because they can not handle heat and when they are introduced to heat, they convert to trans fats. Trans fats lead to the formation of free radicals which not only turn normal polyunsaturated fatty acids into mutants, but can damage any part of your body: cell membranes, chromosomes, other fats etc.
    • Minimize refined sugar intake – most Americans are consuming, on average 200-pounds of sugar per year! Consuming refined sugar not only puts you at risk for diabetes, but it changes how your hormones work, significanly impacts your circulatory system, cholesterol, and can lead to birth defects among many other things. Refined sugar is just as addictive as cocaine. 
    • Eat clean – switch to organic to minimize your exposure to harmful pesticides and herbicides, all of which have been linked to cause certain birth defects, obesity, diabetes, ADHD and various forms of cancer. 
    • See food as energy – fuel your body with food in a way that will serve you, your health and your goals.
  • Sleep – 
    • Recommended amount of sleep per night is seven to nine hours. How much sleep do you need to thrive?
    • Minimize blue light at least two hours before bedtime – if this feels impossible, consider purchasing blue-light blocking glasses. Blue light blocks the release of melatonin, a natural hormone that makes us drowsy and promotes our sleep cycle.
    • Create an optimal sleep environment for YOU – what temperature does the room need to be? Does it need to be dark? What about white noise? Do you hate your sheets? Change them out!
    • Consistency when it comes to bedtime and wake up time – yes, even on the weekends. Figure out how many hours you need to thrive and adjust your bedtime and wake up time so you get just that. 
  • Fluid Intake – 
    • Standard recommendation is six to eight glasses of eight fluid ounces per day OR half your weight in fluid ounces. Consider splitting up the day into quarters and set consumption goals.
    • Consider drinking eight fluid ounces of luke warm, lemon water in the morning to assist with boosting metabolism and liver detoxification.
  • Stress Management – 
    • Stress is energy in the body – the three ways to move energy is through movement, sound or your breath. Considering moving your body, breathing it out or screaming it out to let it out. 

Every moment is an opportunity to get back on that wagon, to pursue your health and to choose something that will serve you. 

What will your next choice be?

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I completed my 11th FULL marathon!

I completed it on Sunday, May 2nd. I was scheduled to run the Northeast Kingdom Marathon on May 1st, but it was postponed until September. When they announced the postponement, I was faced with a decision: pause training and re-start when it’s within the 18-week window, OR keep training, map my own race and get it done. I decided to keep training. Much like all of us, I didn’t know what the restrictions of COVID-19 would look like in September and I wasn’t willing to push my plans again for COVID, so.. I didn’t.
What I want to say about this marathon, which really can be applied to any aspect of life is: if you have something on your heart, if you have a dream, goal or an intention, figure out a way to do it and just do it. We can always allow fear, doubt, uncertainty, weather, upset or anything get in our way, but when you can push everything aside and continue to pursue your dream while you simultaneously hold those feelings – man, what an amazing experience. You can hold fear and still maintain your forward momentum. You can hold any emotion and still obtain your dream. 
The night before the race, per usual, I was experiencing some pre-race jitters, uncertainty and questions of: “am I really going to achieve this?” “Why am I doing this to myself again?” This is nothing new. These thoughts, feelings and questions enter my mind every evening before a race. In this moment, I have two choices, I can allow the thoughts and questions to keep me up all night and ruminate, or I can allow them space to be there and continue moving forward with my plan. 
I mapped my route prior to the race. The route took me from Ferrisburg, through Charlotte and into Shelburne. Rolling hills with views of Camel’s Hump, the Adirondacks and Lake Champlain. It was breathtaking scenery that left me feeling grateful, humbled, at peace and calm. 
My husband, unbeknownst to me, set up a cheer squad to help me out along the way. Every time I approached loved ones, I got full body chills. Seeing them all jumping up and down, waving their hands and rooting me on from the sidelines was the exact boost I needed in that moment. 
In addition to training for 18 weeks, I prepared for this race by making a playlist and purchasing a book on audible. I also knew that if push came to shove, and I slipped into a negative mindset, I could dedicate each mile to someone in my life that I love and admire. As I write this, I find myself thinking and feeling like the time flew by… because honestly, it did. 
I spent the first hour adjusting my pace and getting comfortable in a stride that I could maintain. I spent the time embracing the beats of the music, soaking up the morning sun and holding gratitude for the scenery. 
During the second hour, I started to feel my left hip a bit but was also met by my loved ones. That love, excitement, and full-body chills allowed me to shift my focus back onto the road and my journey. 
It was during the third hour that the challenge set in as the wind was now against me. It was during this hour that I had a moment of breakdown. A moment of awareness on how different my life would be/could be if I made different choices. In this moment, I was overcome with compassion, love and pride for where I am in my life, for the people that I choose to have in my life and for how far I have come. There were tears, pride, happiness and then full-body chills again. 
The fourth hour was by far the hardest. I had just hit 20.5 miles and I still had 5.7 miles to go. It was an hour of on-going self-coaching, self-compassion, self-love, grit, determination and power. My legs felt like led, my left hip had come back to greet me, and I felt ready to accomplish my mission. But I wasn’t giving up. I wasn’t going to stop. I wasn’t going to walk. I was going to keep running, no matter how slow my pace became, and I did just that. 
I didn’t stop once. I ran the entire time and although my pace went from an 8:35 to a 9:53 minute per mile, there was no option for walking.  
I won first place! I say this with a smile knowing that I was the only runner out there, so I also came in last. Haha. 
Either way, I sit here at my desk with sore legs, a big smile and another massive accomplishment under my belt. 
We can do anything we set our minds to. I hope this story and marathon recap helps you feel empowered and allows you to hold the belief that you can do anything you set your mind to. 
Get after it, you’re worth it. 

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The Positive Impact of Breathwork on your Health

So maybe you’re thinking: “So what? My breath, big deal. I breathe every day, why do I need to sit down for 15 minutes each day to focus on it?” If you are wondering why and how breathwork has the ability to change your life, here are a few ways that it can have a positive impact on you and your health.

  • Skin Health – when we practice breath holds, and hold the breath inside the body, it supplies oxygen to the skin cells. When we increase the oxygen to the skin cells, we increase the blood thrush which improves the appearance of the skin. With breathwork we are also detoxifying the blood which is often the etiology for various skin conditions. We also have the ability to prevent premature aging. 
  • Respiratory Health – when we practice breathwork, we can improve our expiratory power which enhances the airflow by decreasing resistance to the lungs. We improve the strength and endurance of our respiratory muscles. With regular practice, we can produce positive changes in the respiratory pressure and cycle. 
  • Cardiovascular Health – when we practice breathwork, we can reduce our heart rate and blood pressure, we can modify the heart rate by stimulating cells of the body and by increasing oxygen intake. 
  • Boost Immunity – we’re all looking for this these days, am I right?! By practicing breathwork, we can boost our immunity by lowering our natural stress response and by down regulating pro-inflammatory markers. Breathwork also has beneficial effects on cell-mediated and mucosal immunity. 

In addition to above, it can also help with weight loss, insomnia, anxiety, depression, detoxification, focus and concentration. Breathwork can help you become reconnected to your essence and true self and deepen your spiritual practice. 
If we can heal ourselves with our breath and optimize our health, why wouldn’t we?

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Marathon Training Through a Pandemic

Honestly, I feel like this whole pandemic has actually been similar to marathon training. It’s been hard and rewarding with a lot of shifts and adaptations to achieve what I want to achieve. 

As I was thinking about sharing my marathon training experience, I wanted to write about it so it was relatable. Not everyone is actually training for a 26.2 mile race right now, but my assumption is that we are all up against some sort of challenge or our own race right now. So as you read this, consider your own race you’re up against. 

By the time you read this, I’ll be eleven weeks into training. Over these eleven weeks, it’s been a consistent push-pull of going for it and wanting to sit down.

There’s been self resistance and push-back. It shows up mostly in the morning during a mid-week long run or just before my long run on the weekend. The resistance shows up as bartering, self-loathing, what if’s, and slight irritation. The questions come up as: “what if I didn’t run today and did it tomorrow instead?” “Why do I keep putting myself through this?” “The marathon date is already pushed, it’s not really necessary that I run 18 miles today.” The excuses, what if’s and self-induced peer pressure come flying at me to knock me off course. However, what I will say is this: no matter how tempting it is to shift my run or not do it, once I get running, I’m fine, in fact most of the time, I’m great. I have also found that once I’m done the distance, I’m grateful I did it and feel so empowered. 

I was talking to a client recently about this idea of being half-way up a mountain. Picture you’re half-way up a mountain and feel completely depleted; mentally, emotionally and physically. At this half-way point, you’re at a crossroads. You can keep going, or you can turn around and go back. How would you feel in each scenario? That’s how I picture these training runs; if I didn’t do it, I would feel like garbage and the irritation and frustration would probably be exemplified. However, if I did it, the elation, pride and empowerment would carry me through my day and completely lift my mood. 

Whatever race you’re facing right now, whatever challenge is in front of you, take a minute and envision how it will feel when you overcome it or envision how it would feel if you quit pursuing it. Which scenario feels better to you? Whatever scenario feels better to you, do it. 

And maybe “quit” is a strong word, because honestly, sometimes the things we pursue are not actually in alignment with our essence. When you find yourself at a crossroad of todo or not to do, take a minute to tune in to your intuition and listen to your higher self. Figure out what is true for you, determine if it’s a yes or a no and go with that. Ultimately, what I have found is if I stay in alignment with my truth, then there’s no room for regret, guilt or shame. 

What sort of race are you facing right now?


March Monthly Newsletter

In case you didn’t know…

Here’s a little, get to know the coach sort of email. A few tidbits about me that you may not know. 

  • One of my favorite natural sounds is the sound of a crow. I don’t know what it is, but it always brings me back to when I was a kid, just waking up in the tent at camp as the sun was coming up. The sound is so peaceful and grounding for me.
  • One of the best years of my life was when I lived in Philadelphia and was going to nursing school. I lived on my own and in my own apartment. This year not only taught me how resilient I am, but how I could fully rely on myself, my abilities and achieve whatever I want. This year taught me that I can change my story. 
  • I am very into astrology, energy work and breath work. I am leaning into my spirituality and am grateful for all of the individuals in my life that are supporting me on this journey.
  • One of my biggest fears as a kid (and maybe even to this day), was being shut in a dryer. I am very claustrophobic and the thought of this always freaked me out, and still does. 
  • When I was a kid, I would sleep out on our big trampoline in the summer. I would stay up all night watching the stars and covering my head when bats would fly by. 
  • If I could go anywhere right now, it would be to the tropics – I am craving some warm air, sun and ocean water. 
  • We got Ella on her snowboard and snow shoes this past month – she loved it. I think next season we’ll get her to the mountain. 
  • I crashed a snowmobile into a tree when I was younger, luckily I wasn’t hurt… but the snowmobile definitely suffered.
  • I believe that everyone has the capability to achieve their dreams and be the version of themselves they want to be, they just have to be willing to put in the work every single day. 
  • I’m training for a marathon in May that’s already been re-scheduled for October. I’m continuing with the training and will run it in May solo. I’m tired of pushing off my plans because of the world we’re living in. I’m sticking with the plan and going all in despite the external circumstances. On May 1st, cheer me on!