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A Few Tips to Become a Better Listener

Are you listening?

Woman holds her hand near ear and listens carefully
Communication is a HUGE part of our lives and it can make or break any relationship. Are you a good listener? Although I believe I am a good listener, there are some serious takeaway points from this podcast by Ed Mylett that will help me level up my ability to listen and communicate. Here are the following critical steps to being a good listener but I urge you to listen to this podcast – your interpretation could be different than mine.

Critical steps to being a great listener:

1. Don’t try to solve someone’s problem.
2. Ask for understanding “can you clarify this for me?”
3. Make eye contact.
4. Check your body language.
5. Let someone finish their sentence – DO NOT interrupt the speaker.
6. Use acknowledgement statements when someone is done speaking and ask follow up questions – this will show more interest.
7. When appropriate – touch someone’s hand or shoulder IF APPROPRIATE – this helps acknowledge the listening and encourages the speaker to continue.

Ask yourself this:

1. Do I do more or less talking than the other person?
2. When I don’t understand what they’re saying, do I ask questions?
3. Do I try to project forward what someone is trying to say before they say it?
4. Do I find myself not paying attention when someone is speaking to me?
5. Can I intuitively tell the difference between what someone is saying vs. what they are feeling?
6. Am I finishing someone’s sentence?
7. Do I only hear the facts and details and am not listening to the emotion behind it?

You may be a good listener, but if you could listen to something to push you into the realm of being an exceptional listener, wouldn’t you want to? Level up your listening skills and see how your life and relationships will benefit. Listen to the Podcast HERE!

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Do you Doubt your Greatness?

Do you want to overcome Self-Doubt?

It happens – that inner voice creeps in at the most opportune time to break down any confidence you’ve gained to do something new, challenging or unfamiliar.

“Maybe I’m not ready for this yet.”
“Who am I to do this?”
“I’m not smart enough.”
“I don’t know what I’m doing.”
“There’s more important things to do than take care of myself.”
“I’m not worth the time. I don’t have the time.”

These negative statements that easily come to the forefront of your mind are all learned statements, thoughts and beliefs. They are all statements that at sometime, likely during your childhood, were instilled in you by someone else’s opinion of you.
So how do you overcome this voice? How do you overcome the self-doubt? How do you overcome the discriminating negative self-talk? Check out this podcast by Ed Mylett – it’s only 24 minutes and a really great place to start the process of overcoming your doubt and living into your greatness!


Click Here to Listen to Ed Mylett’s Podcast!