Virtual Programs

It Starts with You

Nothing is impossible. You have the power to transform yourself into what you want to become, it’s simply about starting the journey with a single step.

Take that single step and you will find a registered nurse and certified health coach walking alongside you. If you want better health, you don’t have to do it alone. 

It Starts with You, is a 5-week journey where you will receive support, accountability, education and insight through workbooks, audios, and weekly meetings. Throughout these five weeks, you can expect to:

  • explore, pursue, shift, and expand on uncharted territory: self-doubt, self-worth, self-confidence and limiting beliefs.
  • identify goals, shift your daily habits, and create a consistent routine to achieve your dreams. 
  • identify patterns when it comes to your nutrition and physical activity and implement changes to optimize your health.

Are you ready? The perfect moment to start is right now. Let’s step on this path towards wellness together, all you have to say is: “I’M READY!”

Breath Work For: Stress Management

Ever feel that you constantly focus on overcoming the challenges, stress and overwhelm of life, that you don’t make progress, impact or desired shifts? If this resonates, Thriving in the Chaos, is a 6-week journey to guide, support and educate YOU on identifying the power of YOUR breath.

This 6-week program takes on an inside-out approach towards stress management, overcoming anxiety and overwhelm, as well as honoring your emotions and experience.

This 6-week program is about utilizing your breath to build insight, learning how to honor your experience, down-regulate when activated and live a life that allows you to maintain embodied awareness.  

The power to thrive is within you; it’s simply about using your breath in a way to optimize your health: mind, body and spirit.

Let’s get you back on the path of thriving instead of just surviving, you’re worth it!

I know you’re ready, let’s get you signed up!

Breath Work For: Self Alignment

Ever feel as if you are pursuing life one task or multiple tasks at a time?

Ever realize that you’ve gone through an entire day without checking in with yourself and your own needs?

This 6-week program, I am Here is for the individual that feels as if they’ve lost themselves in their work or family life.

This program is for the individual that has a hard time answering: without my family and work, who am I?

This program is for the individual that feels disconnected not only from themselves, but their own emotional, mental, and physical needs.

Ready to reconnect with yourself and pursue life from a more intuitive and abundant place?

Let’s get you signed up!

Breath Work For: Healing the Inner Child

Ever feel that your internal monologue is driving your decisions?

Ever realize that your limiting beliefs lead to self-sabotage?

This 6-week program, I am Free to Be Me is for the individual that feels constricted, muted and unable to fully express and live into who they are.

This program is for the individual that believes they aren’t good enough or worthy. This program is for the individual that believes they have to be perfect and are living only half of who they actually are.

This program is for the individual that desires to reconnect with their younger self to honor their experience and support them in healing for expansion and growth.

Ready to hear and heal your inner child?

“The wound is not my fault. But the healing is my responsibility.” It’s time to heal.

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