Shifting Seasons

I know, I know, we still have time before we officially enter into Fall, but it is less than a month away! I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the mornings are cooler, the sun is rising later and the sweet sound of birds is certainly not as prominent. Are you looking forward to Fall? Or are you tightly holding onto the last days of summer? Despite the challenges this year has brought, it continues to fly by. So a little update on my world:

Alex and I celebrated 5 years of marriage and 7 years together on August 8th. We ate out for the FIRST time since COVID-19 hit at Jessica’s and hiked Camel’s Hump the next morning! We had the entire mountaintop to ourselves for almost an hour. It was magical!

I decided to chop off my hair, because why not?! It’s a change and I’m loving it!

We spent three glorious days in one of my favorite places in the entire world: Roger’s Rock. I have been going here since I was a baby. I am the 6th generation of my family to go every summer. This place feels like home – it is literally in my DNA. I feel a sense of sadness when I leave and a sense of belonging when I am there. I am grateful that we were able to make it happen this year and that the girls love this place just as much as I do. I said to Ella as we drove back from the beach one day, “I’m so happy we’re here.” And her response was, “me too!” Melt. My. Heart.

And surprise, surprise, I am still running! I have foregone the audacious goal to run five marathons this year and am simply maintaining my endurance by running 3-5 miles, 5-6 days per week. I completed 10 miles on Friday and it felt like I had run 18! Needless to say, the break from the distance has been nice and I’m simply enjoying the ever-changing scenery, my ability and the solitude.

I hope you enjoy these last few weeks of summer by soaking up the sun, swimming like a kid and sleeping with the windows open!

All we can do is enjoy the moment we have, because ultimately, that’s all we have.

Happy Sunday from my family to yours!