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Grace and Perspective

Woman hands praying for blessing from god on sunset backgroundAllow for Grace

“Understanding this, I began moving away from thinking this is as good as I am, a limiting, judgemental perspective that left me powerless, to this is as good as I am today, a statement that allowed for growth and returned my power.” Deena Kastor, Let your Mind Run.

Maybe today was an exceptionally hard day for you. Maybe your motivation and drive this morning was lacking. Maybe you could hardly get out of bed this morning. Maybe you snapped at the kids. Maybe you were irritable to your partner. Maybe breakfast was a power bar. Maybe you just couldn’t get into your work today.

It’s okay.

It’s okay to have hard moments and hard days. These hard moments and hard days do not define who you are. These hard moments and hard days do not mean this is as good as you are. These hard moments and hard days do not mean you are not good.

It means today, this day and this moment is where you’re at and that is enough. You are innately good no matter what you accomplish or achieve. 

Allow for some grace and perspective, allow it to be a hard day and try again tomorrow. This is just a moment in time and the beautiful thing is that every moment is a new opportunity to show up as your true self. Show yourself some grace, re-assess your perspective, and go again tomorrow. We can do hard things.