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If you want to improve your mobility, you must first improve your stability!

Stability before Mobility!

Prior to starting any exercise program, it’s important to have a solid foundation of core and lower back strength to reduce any risk of injury. Here are two of my favorite lower back and core strengthening exercises – they’re challenging, weight free (could also implement weights) AND you can do these right in the comfort of your own home during any commercial break! No excuses – get after it. Disclaimer – please do not perform these if you have a history of back injury or prior to speaking with your doctor.

Bird Dog


Assume an all-fours position, with hands shoulder-width apart and knees hip-distance apart. Brace the core and extend your right leg behind you. Keep the foot level with the hip. Next, extend your left arm forward with the thumb facing upward. Keep the hand level with the shoulder. Hold and repeat on the opposite side.


Cat/Cow Variation

Begin in a hands-and-knees position with the wrists below the shoulders and the knees below the hips. Inhale, softening the belly toward the floor and gently arching the back while tilting the tailbone and chin toward the ceiling and tucking the toes under. Exhale, gently rounding the spine and drawing the chin toward the chest while untucking the toes, placing the tops of the feet on the floor. Repeat this sequence of movements for a total of five breaths.