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Hello!  My name is Jodi Jaeger and I’m excited to introduce myself and Beautycounter to Ashley’s clients and followers!  I am a mom of a three year old girl and I live in Lakeville, Minnesota!   I have worked as an educator with Beautycounter for over 3 years now and am completely in love with our mission and dedication to safer beauty.  As a wife and mother, I would do just about anything to keep my family safe and healthy and joining forces with Beautycounter wasn’t about “beauty at all.”

What is Beautycounter? 
If you are not familiar with our brand, Beautycounter is an education-first, mission-based company that provides safer personal care products for the whole family.  We believe in full transparency of our ingredients and are actively leading the clean beauty industry in a very powerful movement. You see, the European Union has identified and banned over 1400 ingredients that have been linked to harming human health while the United States has only banned 30 to date. (GASP).  At Beautycounter, we have taken our standard of safety to the strictest measure and we adhere to a “Never List” of over 1500 chemicals that we vow to never ever include in our products.  We are actively fighting in Washington D.C. for stricter laws in the very industry we serve.  Oh and we are a Certified B Corp – if you aren’t familiar with what this means, look it up.  It is pretty darn cool!

Why does it matter to me?
Using 17+ products a day on my hair, skin, face and on my little girl – I never stopped to consider whether or not these products were safe.  I never once questioned words and ingredients that I couldn’t pronounce.  It wasn’t until I had my daughter Eden that I started to learn just how toxic personal care products were and how potentially harmful they could be to my baby too!  As someone who has been working in the healthcare industry (I’m a RN like Ashley!), I have to admit I was a bit embarrased that I hadn’t educated myself in an area of my overall health that was so important. Our skin is our largest organ!

  • I learned that there has not been a major federal law passed governing the personal care industry since 1938
  • Our children’s generation is the first to be sicker and die younger than that of their parents.
  • There are 85,000+ chemicals on the market with thousands being added each year – and 80% of these have NEVER been tested for human safety
  • Many of these chemicals have been linked to breast cancer, learning disabilities, infertility, autism, hormone disruptions and other health issues.  These are LEGALLY ALLOWED in the products we may be using every day.

Thank you for reading and learning a tiny bit about Beautycounter and why our work is so important!  Please find a $10 Gift Certificate below to be used towards your first order with Beautycounter!  Think of it as a little “thank you” from me to you, for supporting our mission and the work we are doing to get safer products into the hands of everyone. (Plus I have to say, our products are pretty darn amazing too – check out our holiday collection and gift sets)!

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Cheers to your health,