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Overcoming Your Excuses

“I’m too tired.” “Missing one day won’t matter.” “It takes too much time.” “I don’t have the time.” “It’s too hot/cold.” “It’s raining/snowing.”

The list can go on and on. We all have those excuses that can break down your determination and motivation. The thing about the excuses is that they always turn up right when we need an easy out. We choose to use the excuse because that is easier than it is to do something challenging and uncomfortable.

It is deeply engrained in us to avoid pain, to limit our expressions of emotion and to protect ourselves. Because of this, we limit ourselves from achieving goals we set out to accomplish. We do this to avoid vulnerability and in doing so, ultimately we limit potential greatness.

What if we chose the challenge over the ease?

What if we chose the discomfort over the complacent?

What if we chose the unknown over the known?

Where could we be? Who could we be?

What if you embraced that sweat and shortness of breath during that first workout vs. sitting on the couch watching tv again?

What if you chose to confront yourself and finally moved past those 20 years of anger and hurt vs. burying it inside you and living with it like it doesn’t still effect you?

What if you chose to walk past that wall you’ve built vs. sitting on the same side that you know is destructive to the person you want to be?

Where could you be? Who could you be?

Overcoming your excuses is about choosing the challenge, discomfort and unknown over and over again and trusting that you will be okay… if not stronger.

Overcoming your excuses takes constant effort, determination and willpower. It is not easy – but it will always be worth it.

Overcoming your excuses is about making your why more important and forceful than the line up of excuses you’ve been carrying around and using all your life.

Do it anyway.

Tired? Do it anyway. Too hot? Do it anyway. Angry, sad, frustrated, irritated? Do it anyway!

Stop standing in your own way, be stronger than your pile of excuses and do it anyway!