Goals, Self-Worth

Starting a business is…

Exciting. Scary. Thrilling. Encouraging. A roller coaster. Constant dedication. Challenging. Fun.

When I first thought about starting a business, I will be the first to admit that my goals and intentions were a little skewed from reality. That’s so unlike me… NOT. I set lofty goals and although it hurts to admit it, I am a bit further away from my first goal than I had intended to be.

Yesterday I felt optimistic, motivated and excited about all the emails I sent out and the calls I made.

Today was a hard day in the business world. I received a call that was not as encouraging as I hoped for. The daydreams I had about putting together a big presentation at this one particular office were shattered by a 5 minute phone call. I felt like a heavy, steel door slammed in my face.

I feel defeated right now as I type this. I feel defeated but it’s 9:30pm and I’m still busting my butt to keep the momentum going. Would I rather be on the couch relaxing and resting, yes I definitely would. But I believe in this dream and I believe that if I continue to put in the effort day after day after day after day things will happen.

I may not be happy with the progress right now but that does not mean that I am going to give up. Tomorrow is a new day. I will wake, get my run on and continue with my efforts. I will continue pushing through those doors and trudging through the thick mud until I find an opening.

I believe in this dream. I believe in my ability to make it happen. I just need to keep pushing through.