December 17th 2018 – I DID IT!

Well, it’s official – I am Health Coach Certified! I passed my exam Friday morning after a long, stressful, anxiety filled week. I definitely suffer from testing anxiety and also feel like some core beliefs come to the forefront when I am stressed and anxious about testing my knowledge. BUT it all paid off! One step closer to reaching my goal.

Since my last entry about 2 weeks ago, not only have I passed my exam but I have also sent along some package information to my mentor. He gave me some ideas and tips, which brings me back to the drawing board. However, I hope to send out another copy to him to see what he thinks.

Now that the exam is behind me, I plan to enjoy the holiday season. I also plan on finalizing my website, getting together business cards, putting together pamphlets and finalizing my packages.

I think once I hit the first of the year, I will look into the legal paperwork I need, get insurance and find a lawyer/attorney to review the documentation.

I am definitely struggling with putting together the website – there’s a lot of ins and outs and I just want it to reflect me, my goals and what I want this business to be.