December 3rd 2018 – Testing my Knowledge

Well after reading my last post, I first want to “check off” my to-do list that I created.

Since my last post, I have uploaded all of the necessary documentation to take the exam and I have also SCHEDULED the exam. I have continued with my studying efforts and am now in the practice test and review stage.

I have put a price on my packages and I hope to meet with my mentor this week to review and adjust. It’s so hard to figure that out…

I have purchased my domain, website and new business email account and have spent some time building my website and content. This also means that I have locked in the name of my business : Fit Together Health and Wellness. 🙂

I have not looked into business cards or pamphlets and have yet to trademark my business. I also need to get insurance. I guess this is my current to do list, in addition to: passing the exam, finalizing my packages, and figuring out the legal stuff.

It’s been about 3 weeks since my last post and I have accomplished a lot. I am happy with my progression but I do find myself bogged down with all the things left to do.

My biggest overwhelm right now is the legal stuff. I know I need to put together waivers, consents, agreements to participate etc. but I am clueless. I was talking to someone about it last week, she said because other health coaches exist, it’s likely that this legal paperwork already exists. So instead of feeling bogged down by having to create something, I can simply look for it.

I’m excited.

In addition to above, I’ve been trying to maintain a balance between my current nursing role, my marriage, my family, my friends, my own self care and enjoying the holidays. I saw a meme online the other day of Cruella Deville white knuckling a steering wheel with a gritted teeth smile and crazy hair …. Yup, that’s meRelated image

I’ve got to say though, with all of this hard work and effort that it is taking, my happiness, motivation and excitement about it has not waivered.

I am so ready to make this shift and I know it’s going to lead me to many great things and people.

Okay… back to studying.